Litigation Funding

We provide litigation funding solutions for commercial civil disputes/claims, our services in the majority of instances are usually provided on a no win -no fee basis; however depending on the complexity of the dispute/claim and the funding requirements of the case concerned; we may also charge a nominal facilitation fee on any litigation funding that is provided.

We were recently successful in providing a substantial bespoke funding solution on behalf of a client concerning a complex litigation matter against a defendant entity who enjoyed far larger financial and legal resources than this client was (prior to our involvement) able to provide themselves.

This client complemented the services that we provided to them as being comparable to the conflict between “david and goliath” as the client advised us that without our expertise and litigation funding solution, that they would have otherwise simply had to abandon any hopes that they had to seek recourse for their claim via the civil courts.

Notwithstanding the “david and goliath” comparison regarding our services, we recognise that for any party to seek remedies at law by considering taking civil litigation action against any party can be both extremely stressful and also have a negative impact on the financial resources for any party considering bringing such an action.

In order to assist within this process, our in-house team of fully qualified barristers and consultants provide highly efficient bespoke litigation funding solutions and ancillary support services to both claimants and/or their appointed solicitors and to barristers (who are acting on their client’s behalf under the public access scheme, as set out by the bar standards board) with regard to all stages of commercial civil litigation desputes.

In complex cases or indeed where no legal representation has already been obtained, fortress legal finance may also recommend that a specialist solicitor and/or barrister are appointed to any such a case: in this regard the option is open for the client to seek impartial advice from any other solicitor should they so wish (please note that fortress legal finance will at all times fully comply with the solicitor’s introduction and referral code as published by the law society).